Warning Expert: The omiciron wave will be harder than expected

Warning Expert: The omiciron wave will be harder than expected

The omega micronutrient continues to spread around the world, with the rate of omeprazole in New York already reaching 22.2%. A pulmonologist living in the city, Dr. Amos Dudi spoke to Golan Yokofas and Anat Davidov on 103FM this morning (Monday).

“We were busy on New Year’s Eve, and the next night was a little less. I was in the emergency room several times in anticipation of the surge of waves. Dudi began.

When asked if the most serious patients were not vaccinated, he replied: “Almost everyone, almost everyone. There are adults and risk groups here and there. We have one or two boosters in general, but in general I started to worry. People may have decided not to get vaccinated. Even trying to hijack a delta, because it’s 40 percent here.

“As an intensive care physician, I do not see mild patients. Beyond that, there is no cure for all ailments. There is no difference in treatment now. It is irrelevant. The current understanding is that it should not be seen in cases of pneumonia, “Dr. Dudi added.

“This may be a lack of forethought and preparedness. It is not surprising that there is an increase in the number of cases during the traditional months of January-February and February, which are the busiest months of the year, influenza,” Drs. Dudi concluded.

Contributed by: Ofri Glichman, 103fm

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