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Finally live music again

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 | 12:16 am

BOLZANO – Two of the three cultural stops at Walterplatz were successful. Yesterday, Sunday evening, the second edition of the Culture On Tour took place at Walterplatz in Bolzano. Sylvia Fontainev, the opening and moderator, led the evening as a bilingual, which will help various South Tyrolean musicians to reappear. “Absolutely a great project, and we’re glad we gave the artists this opportunity,” Patrick Stroble said excitedly. “That’s why I’m back on stage in Brunei next Wednesday,” Stroble continued.

The “Cordes y Buttons” trio provided a summer evening with a musical soundtrack from the Alps to Ireland, Russia, Poland and the Nordic countries. Also on stage were the cover band “Fonsys”, singer and lyricist “Maht Hilda”, and linguist Sepp Messner Windsnoor. Roberta Agosti, director of the Bolzano Tourist Office, was delighted with the musical evening and the successful additional offer for guests in Bolzano.

The tourism initiative is supported by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Department of Culture, and the Raiffeisen Association. .

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