Wanting to escape the cities, she settled in a small caretaker’s house with her husband and dog

éloigner des villes

Visit this beautiful historic Irish gatehouse with owner Rebecca Stice, a content creator based in Northern Ireland.

Rebecca, who wanted to escape the noisy cities and live a quiet life, found her happiness in this small, completely renovated historic caretaker’s house, far from it all.

In the video, the young woman tells her story, why the house is decorated this way and the challenges she faces living in a village of 300 people in the middle of the village.

Rebecca moved into this small renovated historic gatehouse with her husband and adorable giant puppy to escape the cities.

Illustration photo / Pixabay

The video shows how Rebecca, who doesn’t follow a minimalist lifestyle, lives in this tiny house, how she manages the storage of her belongings and why she chose unconventional decor.

She also explains how getting away from a busy big city makes you realize what’s really important in life.

You can learn more about Rebecca’s story about her BlogAnd subscribed to him Instagram account.

Check out this adorable little historic preservationist’s house video:

To play the video in French, go to Settings, Subtitles, then Auto-Translate to French.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube Screenshot

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