Wallis Bird Releases The Second Single The Power Of A Word From The Album

Wallis Bird Releases The Second Single The Power Of A Word From The Album

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“The Power of a Word” Is the second single from’s new album Wallis bird“Hands” will be released on May 27, 2022.

Wallis describes it this way: “The Power of the Word was written when Trump lost the US election, thank you. I hate talking about that man, but that moment was really a turning point in the world, a liberation from the world. The song highlights the power of words to be useful or dangerous. It was one of those moody times where I would break into endless soliloquy with my friend Kevin Ryan.

Wallis Bird’s seventh studio album, “Hands”, adds another part to “Power of the Word”, also known as the “Nine Songs with Nine and a Half Fingers” (referring to the danger of childhood damage to the artist’s left hand permanently). Through this album, Wallace focuses on himself, sometimes dealing with very difficult issues: from faith to alcoholism, from stasis to self-censorship and self-improvement.


Born in Ireland and living in Berlin, Wallis Bird has released six albums since 2007, winning two Meteor Awards, the annual Irish Music Award, the Most recent Best Female Artist Award, and the popular ‘Music Autorun Prize’ 2017 for German music. Author Award, not to mention the other two nominations for the Choice Music Prize, the Irish equivalent of the British Mercury Prize. In addition, he has given more than a thousand shows over the past decade, gaining worldwide fame through his legendary concerts that were enthusiastic, vibrant and fun. Wallis can also be credited with honoring American artist Amanda Palmer and the Irish Times, who once wrote that his unrelenting energy on stage would “revive an entire economy.”

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See and hear the “power of a word”:

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