Wales – Ireland wins OA Sports debut

Wales - Ireland wins OA Sports debut

Ireland will win the first match of the newly formed Autumn National Cup, a tournament that will replace the autumn rugby Test matches in 2020.. Sexton and teammates win against Wales who are trying to fight and deserve it, but in Dublin it will never be dangerous.

It was the start of a panic in Dublin, with the hosts making noise in the first minutes and Ireland and Wales constantly finding themselves at the forefront, with players from both teams engaging in two fights., The referee apologizes to the captains. We arrive at 10 to see the situation unlock, with Sexton providing the first comfortable place. Wales are trying to answer but are struggling to get on the field, and the Irish have no qualms about seeing Pivak’s attackers. Another mistake sends Dan Bigger to the pitch for a draw.

Ireland return to the press, the concrete is very low in the first quarter, actually dominates and reaches the first goal of the match on the 23rd.. I.S. Quinn Roux to overpowering After a long attack by the hosts and Sexton, the score rises to 10-3. Ireland insists and another free kick comes on the 28th and Sexton continues his target practice and goes to +10 for the hosts. However, football is hurting the Irish No. 10. Rooks’ goalless draw marked the match indiscriminately, with Lee Hoffenny scoring from a distance of 13-6 at 31. However, he insists Again Ireland and 36 ‘pitch, we are going to rest with Billy Burns 16-6.

Wales try to change pace early in the second half, but the Irish spell dominates as in the first 40 minutes. It tends to mislead guests, so they should be far behind the area. So Lee Huffpenny is forced to try a free kick halfway through, but the kick is too short. He tries again in the 50th minute, this time finding the poles and moving the score to 16-9. Ireland react immediately and push on the accelerator, but this time the hosts themselves do not recognize a single step from the goal line. The Irish insist they will win a mistake and Burns can bring an over break from the pitch. The match in this second half was thrilling and fantastic, with Wales playing better than the first 40 minutes..

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However, at the crucial moment in the 65th minute, a new mistake by Welsh sent Ireland back to the pitch.. This time Connor should kick Murray Find the poles for 22-9, which are fleeing Ireland. The hosts insist, the guests are very bad, Murray returns to the pitch at 72 and brings the team to +16. James Low’s goal comes in the final 32-9.

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Photo: DPPI / Gene Cutoff – LPS

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