Wales / France, England / Ireland … Day 4 matches to be followed on which days and on which channel?

Wales / France, England / Ireland ... Day 4 matches to be followed on which days and on which channel?

The Blues started the tournament with two wins over Italy (37-10) and Ireland (30-24), followed by a convincing victory over Scotland (17-36) in Edinburgh. For their second trip to the tournament, Gregory Aldrit His partners meet Dan Biger and Wales at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. They aim to win, with France winning the XV 2021 tournament, to claim the last victory they have missed out on since 2010. Three days, three wins, 14 points and first place in the six-nation tournament. From an accounting point of view, everything goes well for XV in France. In the game, there is nothing to complain about (or very few). Players who have reconnected with celebrities adopt Fabian Galti’s philosophy. French flair. This enchanting game based on ingenuity, inspiration and creation. At each meeting, the show’s promise is kept.

A difficult pre-match for the Blues

However, a few grains of sand hampered the preparations of the French team. Tuesday, Gail Fico (27 years old, 69 caps), did not attend Blues training at Flu and Marcosis. Session stopped before the end of the Blues’ scrum half and Captain Antoine DuPont. Three days before the trip to Wales, they went for treatment for knee pain. On Wednesday, France announced the withdrawal of staff winger Damien Penaud and a second tier to replace Romain Taofifenu, who tested positive for Kovid-19.

Pre-match breakdowns are part of the changes in the life of a group in a match. Rafael Ibanes, manager of France XV, told a news conference: “We were left out at the player level. That’s it. We have the resources to face Wales.” However, Fabian Galti means two players “They were packing their bags when they were being isolated and isolated. It’s violent. Knowing that, I can testify to that, it’s very violent mentally.”

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Gabin Villier is back

So Joram Moyfana will take over from Damien Penaud in Cardiff on Friday evening. The French team has not announced any other bad news since this announcement. According to the protocol of the Six Nations tournament, the Blues did not have to experiment with anything new, so the risk of new packages disappeared. So it’s almost certain that the Blues will try to overthrow last year’s tournament winners Welsh. In addition, they can count Will-O-the-Whisper Gabin Willier (Toulon) who returned to the wing after a sinus fracture.

Day Four of the Sixth Nations Tournament – TV Program

Friday, March 11 – 8:50 p.m. – Wales / France – Live on France 2

Saturday, March 12 – 3:05 p.m. – Italy / Scotland – Live on France 2

Saturday 12 March – 5.35pm – Live in England / Ireland – France 2

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