Waiting ‘hot planet’; India’s Venus with preparations 1 | venus planet | shukrayaan 1

Waiting 'hot planet';  India's Venus with preparations 1 |  venus planet |  shukrayaan 1

AYes, to Venus! India’s Venus One spacecraft is being prepared for launch. If things go well, in a few years our tricolor flag will reach the sky of Venus or Venus. Venus is the brightest planet in the sky. Although called the morning star and the evening star, Venus is in fact a planet. Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System. It is also the closest planet to Earth. The biggest feature of this planet is its dense atmosphere. Storms, thunderstorms and sulfuric acid rain are making this planet a hell of a place. Getting vehicles out there is a daunting task. Therefore, Venus is primarily intended to orbit Venus.

Expecting to weigh about 100 kilograms, Venus orbits Venus at a distance of 500 km and a distance of 60,000 km. Venus will have instruments to study Venus’ turbulent atmosphere and its surface. The spacecraft will be launched from India’s own GSLV Mark 2 rocket. Probably everyone will ask why they went to this hot planet.

But listen; Venus is one of the most likely planets in the Solar System to have any kind of microorganisms. It was recently reported that a chemical called phosphine was discovered in the atmosphere of Venus. Many leading astrobiologists argue that this gas is formed only in the presence of living things. Otherwise Venus is known as the ‘twin sister of the earth’. Therefore, during this rainy season and the coming winter, we will continue to observe this Greek beauty in the western evenings.

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