Waiting for Android 12 to launch: a new look, easy control, and focus on privacy

Waiting for Android 12 to launch: a new look, easy control, and focus on privacy

In early October, Google will release a new version of Android 12, the world’s most popular operating system. What innovations it offers in terms of looks and functionality, which smart owners will adopt first – talks about this with Rimante Marsinowski, an expert in smart devices at Telia.

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“The latest trial version of Beta 5, released in early September, gives us a clear picture of what to expect from Android 12. This version is being called one of Android’s biggest recent improvements: special attention to design and new features, from changed user interface to design.

Like all newer versions of Android, it has performance, battery saving, and security enhancements, but not everyone pays attention to them. So, Telia Expert invites you to get acquainted with the seven innovations of Android 12 that will not leave you indifferent:

1. New user interface

Every few years Android changes its look, and this update is just that. The new Material user interface, as its name implies, offers more personalization options. The color gamut of the entire operating system is selected according to the screen background you set, and you can change the material u theme settings to suit your needs. Changes await in other areas, from the dashboard to the broader and clearer application developers to controls that can be adapted to the design of the operating system.

2. Privacy

With each new generation of Android, Google is paying more and more attention to privacy settings. This time, a new feature called Privacy Dashboard has been added to the operating system to notify users about the access granted to gadgets. For example, you can easily find out which apps have access to your location, camera, phone, mobile Internet, and other phone sensors or features, and revoke those permissions with a single click. What’s more, if the app in the background uses your phone’s microphone or camera, you’ll see a warning at the top right of the screen.

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3. Search in gadgets

Android previously allowed you to find specific apps by their name, and has further expanded your search for the Android 12 App Store. When you start typing in a search term, you’ll see not only the apps that match it, but also information from other apps – your phone’s contacts, gadget features, video or music, and more. For example, giving “te” may prompt you to create a new one atKeep Notes A reminder on the gadget ARestart or listen to “Fu Fiatrs “Music. Finally, if you do not find what you are looking for on your phone, you will be prompted to search via Google.

4. Quick settings

Swipe from the top of the screen to not only change the Quick Settings menu view, but also get new features like Google Pay integration and Smart Home Controls. According to Google representatives, you can now effectively control the entire operating system from here.

5. Scrolling screenshots

The long-awaited feature of many people will finally come true: Android 12 allows you to take consecutive screenshots, which now show not only the image on the screen, but also the top or bottom. For example, you can save a long article, social network post or other content as a photo, you need to scroll down the screen several times to see it.

6. Game panel

Gamers have been waiting (for a long time), and some phone makers have had similar capabilities on their Android smartphones for years. Either way, the game dashboard is a long-awaited addition to the operating system, where players can find screen capture, screenshots, game optimization menus, FPS meter, DND function, VT quick link, and other relevant settings in one place. Did you understand something? This is probably irrelevant to you.

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7. Trick of automatic rotation

When you turn on automatic screen rotation, the phone responds to the ground and displays the image tilted. However, people have a pose that only makes it difficult: lying on the side of the bed. If you find it difficult to turn off auto-turning to read an interesting article or watch your favorite series before going to bed, Android 12 will put an end to your problem – Google has found a solution. That solution is artificial intelligence: when you turn the phone on, it scans the user’s face, locates it and decides whether to turn the screen or not. True, looking at the phone screen just before bed or waking up in the morning is not particularly healthy for the eyes.

Owners of Google’s own smart pixels will be the first to install Android 12, which will be available from Pixel 3 to Pixel 6, which is expected later this year. This year, the update is expected to reach owners of the latest flagships from Samsung, OnePlus, Asus, Xiaomi and some smaller manufacturers.

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