Wahid Humble, Eyes on the Games – Tokyo 2020

Wahid Hambli, les yeux dans les Jeux

Wahid Humbley will be one of eight members of the French boxing team to qualify for the Olympics near Willebone-Sir-Yvette on June 4-8 in Tokyo.

March 16, 2020. The European Olympic Boxing Qualifying Tournament was held in London for two days. Before stopping due to health crisis related to Kovid-19 contagious disease. A quick stop in anticipation of the future extension of the Tokyo Games. Sixteen months later, we are taking similar, and we are starting again, this time near the Grand Deem of Villebon-Sir-Yvette in Ezone. Lastly, not the same, because two Frenchmen – Bilal Bennama (flyweight, -52 kg) and Samuel Kistohari (featherweight, -57 kg) – managed to validate the ticket before the hurdle. From June 4 to 8, eight of their Companions will try to join them on a flight to the Japanese capital. Including Wahid Humble, who weighed less than 69 kilograms.

He is the successor to Team Solid captain Sally Liman Sisokho

Not only a team since he was in Rio about five years ago, but also a future Olympic bronze medalist, Salim Liman Sisokho. A reference to Humble. “It’s not just me, it’s an opportunity for us to be role models. He was the captain of the “Solid Team” (nicknamed the French boxing team during the 2016 Olympics) and was able to perform well in and out of the ring. It really gives something. I admire the boxer like that man. I hope he succeeds in getting good results like him. ”The character of Tony Yoko-Estelle Mosley, who became famous at the Rio Games because of her athletic success and her image, may be synonymous with the heavy pressure on his shoulders, as well as that of all his partners. Left. I want to see the positive side by telling ourselves that they showed us the way by proving to us that we can win six medals for the French Olympic team. It encourages and motivates us to give the best from ourselves. Although boxing is an individual sport, this solid team has proven that it can give birth to a real team. We try to do that by creating a strong bond between us. ”

“I try not to put pressure on myself. Tickets for the games are very expensive ”

Wahid Humble

The 31-year-old boxer from Mont Billiards has serious arguments to promote his 90 wins in 105 fights and his presence in the world top 5 in his category. Except that the health crisis has left him for a year without the possibility of an official official fight and has stirred up the water. “Getting ready for a match is long and not always easy, it doesn’t happen, he admits. We are no longer sure, it is mentally unsettling. But then, like in a ring, you have to know how to match. I knew how to do it. “By taking its winning streak where it left off. Just approach Willebone-Sir-Yvette’s TQO with good dynamics.” It’s very expensive, they talked to some of my comrades who have already participated in the Games, and they insist on the low pressure you feel when you qualify. Ultimately, the pressure we feel for this TQO is greater than the games.

Losing this event, which he has been preparing for five years, is beyond question for him. He finally feels that he is better prepared this year than he was a year before the scheduled date of the Games. “I feel stronger than last year, especially mentally. Today, a year that has passed has made me mentally stronger. More importantly, the motivation increased tenfold. Unlike some other athletes who preferred to end their careers, Wahid Humbley was even more empowered by this postponement: “I never thought to give up everything even for a moment. I told myself there were more serious things. We ‘ve seen people get infected and die from this virus, which encourages us to put things in perspective and be patient. There, I’m going to experience an Olympic qualifying tournament, and I want the glass to be half full. “Especially after 2021, the boxer from Mont Billiard is already thinking about 2024. With hunger. “Paris is a destination. I’m set myself up too. I’ll be there via Tokyo, I hope.” Response between June 4 and 8, first in the fight against an Irishman, who allowed both legs to be put on the plane.

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