Wage inequality and sprains for sports women?

Wage inequality and sprains for sports women?

News of salary differences in the sports world has been active since the beginning of the school year. At a time when these inequalities are being condemned in all professional fields, the sports world seems to have escaped these angers. In fact, if we believe the bonus of the Paris-Roubike cycling race (,000 30,000 for the first, 5 1,535 for the first), there are still points to be scored in the vast world of wage inequality.

But where does such a difference come from? Why is it still accepted that a woman who trains like a man and does the same job gets paid 20 times less? After all, what are the consequences for sports women?

Less attractive, unprofitable sports?

We often talk about equal pay. I don’t think it’s something that works in sports. Only tennis is on par today, while men’s tennis is more attractive than women’s tennisIn 2012, tennis player Gilles Simon announced.

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So, would it be uninteresting to watch sports because it is considered slow, powerless and majestic? Or is it time to change our perspective on sports? Because that is where the source of the problem lies. The viewer uses it as a male sport that is considered a “neutral” sport and reference. Women’s athleticism is constantly compared to men’s, and their differences are considered inferior.

Includes women’s competitions and contests Less than 10% of sports media programs. Like a snake biting its tail, the lack of media protection causes viewers to lose interest.

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Whatever the benefits of better media coverage: more interest between spectators and future coaches, more investment from sponsors, more visibility, so more funds for sports development for all.

Remember, a sports woman has the same commitments as her male rivals. Because she has more obstacles in front of her, she sometimes works harder wherever she is (mediation, lack of recognition, professional contract, financial and technical means). For equal work, do we not say equal pay?

Ace full of athletes, dangerous sports women

In sports where inequalities are strongest, especially in team sports, which are considered to be men’s sports, these pay gaps lead to greater insecurity among sports women. As David Delferier, President of Belgian Women’s Football, attests, football with stunning gaps is the best illustration of this: “They play in Belgium Far from professional. We must compare their situation with that of amateur players in the Second Province. Of course, I’m not talking about quality, I’m talking about pay and supervision“.

At a time when professional athletes are able to meet their needs by living out their passion, athletes, on their part, are prevented from professionalizing because they have no means. Their salaries are very limited, although they do not exist, between training and competition, looking for sponsors, professional life to meet their needs, and sometimes study and / or family life.

Former professional footballer Melissa Plaza testifies In his book “Not for Girls”. She tells of her busy weeks between training, odd jobs, university studies and doctorates, while taking unpaid leave to participate in competitions and contests.

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The tiring and exhausting lifestyle of athletes who need to take care of their bodies: “The financial situation is painful for me and my daily life. I can’t study lessons at night, so I come home tired”.

In addition to fatigue, your financial situation is manageable and can sometimes be very dangerous: “Once I paid my bills, despite the APL [aide personnalisée au logement], A scholarship and my minimum salary as a football player, I have only fifty euros a month left to eat and buy gasoline. I face this situation as much as I can to cut down on the food budget, calculating the amount I can afford with each meal”.

The same is true of rugby. “Some finish work at 7.30 and go to training at 7:30 and they have to run. These (semi-pro) contracts that are complex lifestyles to be imagined will continue to bring relief to girls“, To explain Roman Munagar, third line of Montpellier and Les Bleiss.

A successful fight

Despite all these obstacles, athletes continue to raise their status, and some of them are still fighting for their rights. For example, Billy Jean King Fought in the 70s For an equal bonus in tennis, there are still repercussions, and tennis is one of the most equal sports. Unknown an-flora marker, Received an equal bonus In snowboarding and involving women in competitions. Recently, it was American footballer Megan Rapino and her team Those who succeed in getting contracts equal to men, After two years of legal proceedings against their federation for wage discrimination.

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History thus shows us the strength of a few pioneers who earned equal pay in the world of sports. But athletes need to be aware of their status and contribute to the realization of this equal pay.

Irish football players are well aware of this. The men’s team players have agreed to reduce the bonus at each meeting, so the federation uses this amount. To increase players’ match bonuses. They thus show that budgets need to be redefined and distributed more evenly and differently.

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