Vovsenko’s skill for sprinters | Verdun District

Vovsenko's skill for sprinters |  Verdun District

25-year-old Sarah Potsky finds her dream horse in the gray horse Chevrolet Blank.

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It’s not clear from Achim – Shang: Powell Vovsenko is especially good at sprinters. Achim also celebrated great success with one of Germany’s most important short-distance races, such as the Silver Whip, with Achim coach Zhang’s father, Kontat. Now Indigenous Czech seems to have found a new sprint star: Chevrolet Blanc.

Series winner Chevrolet Blanc is aiming for the Golden Whip

Meanwhile, the four-year-old Zelding has won three matches in a row, with a win at Baden-Baden, recommending himself for the best jobs. The co-owner of the Irish horse is Sarah Poshke, who not only picks up the Chevrolet Blank herself, but also rides him every day in training. The 25-year-old is originally from Berlin. However, she is currently completing an internship in the marketing department of SV Werder Bremen as part of her studies. Before work, she spends time at Powell Vovsenko’s stable in Bremen-Mahendorf and cares for her heart’s horse. Through equestrian sports and I Am Citation, Sarah Poshke came to racing, and with them she successfully participated in equestrian racing. After becoming addicted to horse racing, he decided to train as a stable manager, focusing on racing at the stable of horseman Powell Vovshenko. She spent a few months in England, the motherland of horse racing, developing her riding skills. After graduating successfully, Poshke spent some time in her hometown of Berlin, where she was also active as a racehorse owner with a seven-year-old Shodans kid. When Zelding ended his active career, the student went in search of a new horse. She found Chevrolet Blank in the catalog of the Irish auction house Gofs, which immediately caught her attention. The Dark Angel Son was raised by Kenilworth House Stud, a well – known stud farm in Ireland, but did not perform as well as hoped. Without further ado, Sarah Poshke, who has always been interested in pedigree and breeding, decided to offer a beautiful gray horse before the auction. So she contacted the horse trainer and owner through an agent to make an offer. Shortly afterwards, she received a redeeming phone call: she and her family became the new owners of the Chevrolet Blanc, nicknamed the Renstall Citation, which soon moved to their new home in Bremen.

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Chevelle Blanc is this year’s surprise. So the dream of a golden whip will not come true, even though there is still a long way to go.

Pavel Vovsenko

That was in January. A lot has happened since then. Zelding showed his ability from the very beginning. Magdeburg’s second come straight to his first goal on German soil. The following work on the Sprinter Colon was also completed with excellent colors. “I could not believe it, because I always had a lot of misfortunes,” Sarah Poshke recalls. After three wins in a row, Chevrolet Blanc should now start with a competitive compensation II in the top category. During the Hamburg Derby week, which started on June 25, it should be ready. It’s also a dress rehearsal for Sarah Potsky, coach Powell Vovsenko, and Gray, as the horse is once again planning a start on the Golden Whip, the sprinters’ most important gallop race. The Group III Short 1200m race will be held on August 28 at Baden-Baden Race Week. The classic is a total endowment of 55,000 euros. “Of course, the Golden Whip starts with the players. But anything is possible, and Chevelle Blanc has already proven that the Baden-Baden track suits him well, ”explains Sarah Poshke, who found her dream horse on a gray horse. However, the response proves the team is right, because after its best successes, the first offers to buy the serial winner have already been received. “Chevelle Blank is amazing this year. So the dream of the Golden Whip will not come true, even though it still has a long way to go, ”Powell Vovsenko admits. Chevrolet Blanc will launch in Hamburg on July 2, but regardless of the outcome, one thing is already clear: Pavel Vovsenko has a new sprint star.

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