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Voters reject Biden: “He is not mentally healthy”

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Half of U.S. voters fear the president’s mental health Joe Biden. The data came from a published survey Rasmussen reportsIs not, therefore, a new tenant of the White House. “Physically and mentally equal ” Fifty percent of those surveyed by his office expressed serious doubts about the president’s health, while 48 percent trusted him. Capacity.

There have been a number of incidents that have raised the alarm of circumstances in line with the suspicions of most U.S. citizens Psychophysical Biden. First of all, the president’s lack of confrontation with the media, a “official official silence“January 20 to 50. After taking office in the White House, Joe Biden No press conference has been released yet, which is confusing as well Discomfort The reason for this decision. No president in the history of the American presidency has been out of the media for so long, and voters are now wondering why.

Conservative media has not failed to deliver in recent months gaffe President, recently became the hero of some weird episodes. In the days that followed, presidential officials interrupted a live broadcast without any warning, as if journalists were asking questions of the president, keeping him away from possible “slips”. On March 9, Biden again became the hero of a gaffe or a moment Memory loss. During a speech on International Women’s Day, Biden was generally embarrassed and did not even remember the name of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austen. “I want to thank the former General, I call him ‘General’. My … my … the one who runs that group over there “Defining Austin, the president said in clear confusion “Someone in uniform“Rumors of a dementia of some kind by the American president are characteristic of every month before his election, but Biden has always silenced conversations and jokes about him, saying he suffers from dyslexia.

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