Volturino ‘waste-free’, recyclers San Giovanni Rotondo, Deliseto

Volturino 'waste-free', recyclers San Giovanni Rotondo, Deliseto

Volturino and Avtrana are Apulian recyclers ‘waste free’. In the national rankings prepared by Legambiant.

The press conference for the presentation of the 17th edition of the National Legambiant Festival ‘FestambiantSood’ in southern Italy was held yesterday at the offices of the Puglia region through the Gentiles.

Two municipalities in the province of Foggia and Toronto will withdraw their national recognition, tomorrow, Friday, July 23, during the Ecoforum on Circular Economy, Deliceto and San Giovanni Rotondo in Foggia Province, Trani della Bat, in the Altamura city of Barry Undergra, Vinto, Salantino, Lese in Toronto Province and Sarbo in Lattersa Province will receive the Special Festambiant Zud Award from Legambiant. The “competition” of recycling municipalities.

“We look forward to the future, from the present to the future, with the theme of FestambiantSud 2021, Next Green Generation, and we want to reflect on the steps we take every day as individuals and as a community to implement structural change at all levels: we begin with good examples of realities that have traveled the sustainable path,” Franco Salcuni, director of the festival, which runs in Monte Santa Angelo from July 31 to August 2 in Wieste and the West, said: “Umbrella Forest has the potential to increase the risk of personal life and our communities, as well as the risk of harm to our lives and conservation, as demonstrated by the great impact of the Pandemic and the effects of the climate crisis. “, Vice President of the Puglia Region and Budget, Unified Planning and Basic Rafael Pimontis, Counselor for Co-ordinators, said, “Germany underlies the recent developments in Lamis and Rignano Garganico, from the devastation we suffered, to the fact that it’s only a matter of time before the estimates of the future, which are only the estimates of the future must be understood. “The point of view of the integral perspective of agricultural science, which begins appropriately from the dynamics of small farms”.

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“The circular economy is a critical model of our region’s production and consumption, not only from a political point of view, but also from a cultural point of view,” added Anna, regional councilor for the environment in the Puglia region. “Puglia has the ability to anticipate certain national actions, and from 2019 the use of disposable plastics on beaches will be banned. The European proposal is expected for two years and represents the first case in Italy,” Gracia Maracio said. The councilor also made a reference to the recent fire that destroyed 500 hectares of firewood at the Gargano Promontory: “We will do everything in our power – Marachi said – to allow the center to revitalize and implement more effective combat and control efforts to quickly revitalize and implement the areas between Vico del Gargano and Isicella.

According to Ruggero Ronsulli, the new president of Legambiant Puglia, Festambiantsud represents an important moment in the meeting and growth of Puglia: a cultural and social renaissance that is possible through art, music and culture. It must transform itself into an educational community.

The artistic direction of the festival was entrusted to Chiara Sivello, a modern interpreter of jazz music, Latin and Brazilian music, who “signs” a schedule of 22 cultural and entertainment events, including Daniel Sepe, James Cenice, Napoli Central, Nicolോ, Nicole, and Nicole. , Israel Varela, Karen Lugo, LNDFK, singer-songwriter Simona Severini, Irish cellist, singer and writer Naomi Beril, actor Pierre Polo Copovilla, Elena Stancanelli Emanuel Trevi, 2021 Struggle.

“We strongly believe in the experimental features of Festambiantesud’s cultural proposition – said Vista Municipality Deputy Mayor Rosella Falcon – thanks to the tendency for constant sound research and dubious artistic sensitivity this year than ever before. , A concert at sunset between the rocks of Ripa or the best performance of the Mai Mai Project among the majestic beach woods of the Ambra Forest ”.

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“It’s very important that we celebrate the eco-festival by combining landscape culture with entertainment and art – Massimo Bray, local councilor for culture and tourism, commented from a distance, especially as we are all in a position to generously embrace the new challenges to a sustainable future.”

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