Volcano Erupts Near Iceland Capital; Watch the video the world

Volcano Erupts Near Iceland Capital;  Watch the video  the world

The volcano erupted on the outskirts of the capital, Reykjavík Iceland, this Wednesday (3). Lava can be seen rising from the ground in video footage.

The eruption took place 40 kilometers from Reykjavík near the mountain Fagrdalsfjal, where the volcano had been erupting for six months in 2021.

“An eruption has started near Fagradalsfjall. The exact location has not yet been confirmed,” said the Meteorological Institute, which monitors seismic activity.

Lava erupts from Fagrdalsfjal volcano in Iceland on August 3, 2022 (Photo: Sol Loeb/Reuters)

Even without an ash column, the institute warned, “detection of contamination due to emissions of gases is possible.”

The National Airport Authority said that no flights have been affected yet. There is a red light prohibiting aircraft from flying over the site (however, helicopters were dispatched to analyze the situation).

There are 32 volcanic systems in the country

The mountain Fagrdalsfjal belongs to the Krzysztof volcanic system on the Reykjavík Peninsula in the southwest. Iceland.

A Iceland 32 volcanic systems are considered active, the largest number in Europe.

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