Volcano de la Palma launches ‘Tsunami’ of lava, compares to volcanic institute | The world

Volcano de la Palma launches 'Tsunami' of lava, compares to volcanic institute |  The world

Specialists of Canary Islands Volcanic Institute (Involcan) This Thursday (14th) compared the strong current of the volcano La Palma to a “lava tsunami”.

Images taken by an Involucan team on Earth showed the lava flow progressing at an “impressive speed,” scientists said on a social network. (Watch the video above).

Despite comparisons by scientists, this flow has nothing to do with the danger posed by the tsunami off the Brazilian coast. Still very distant.

Volcano Old Summit It has been in intense activity for 26 days, flowing lava rivers, leaving a path of destruction wherever it passes until it touches the sea.

The lava has destroyed more than 1,600 buildings on the island. About 7,000 people had to flee their homes, 300 of them on Thursday alone.

Earlier, a Earthquake The island of La Palma in the Spanish archipelago in the Canary Islands recorded a magnitude of 4.5.

According to the Geographical Institute of Spain, this is the strongest earthquake recorded since the eruption of the Cumbre Viz volcano.

This morning, about 60 earthquakes were felt on the island. Earthquakes as a result of seismic activity are common during eruptions.

As the number of buildings destroyed by volcanic lava increased, more people were forced to flee their homes, and movement was restricted due to ash and toxic gases.

Cumbre Via volcano in La Palma in photo from October 11 – Photo: Jorge Guerrero / AFP

The picture shows the house covered in lava from the volcano La Palma

La Palma, part of the Canary Islands, an archipelago of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean, is located in northwestern Africa and is an economy dependent on the cultivation of canary bananas and tourism.

Angle Vector Torres, head of local government, said it was the worst eruption in Europe in 100 years. “The only good news is, so far, no one has been hurt.”

On September 19, Cumbre Vijay erupted, and the flow of hot rock from the volcano was unlikely to stop.

The molten lava has already destroyed 600 hectares of land.

Videos: Volcano in the Canary Islands

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