Voice cannons against immigrants, European Union against Greece – Corriere.it

Voice cannons against immigrants, European Union against Greece - Corriere.it

Greece uses the gods “Sound Cannons” To deter immigrants from entering on their own Border with Turkey. These are devices capable of producing deaf and dumb voices, which, according to Greek authorities, make it difficult to cross the border. But the use of these tools was today The European Union is in fierce competition. The immigration commissioner said it was a strange way to defend the borders Ylva Johansson.

“Sound Cannons” They were established by the government of Athens On the banks of the Evros River, His course marks the border between Greece and Turkey; These are the people who tried to enter the territory of the European Union and followed the journey to Northern Europe. Passing out with the Evros herd also caused one a year ago Crisis between Greece and Turkey and clashes between police and immigrants At one of the border crossings. Greek police have acknowledged the use of these billboards, which are attached to vans. These are tools that can be released About 160 decibels of noise. For comparison, a conversation takes place at a volume of 60 decibels A plane takes off Produces an equivalent engine 120 decibels. The immigration minister in Athens discussed this unusual “obstacle.” Listen to Mithrachi Commissioner Johansson visits Brussels. “It simply came to our notice then. I hope this is in line with fundamental rights, and it needs to be made clear, “said a representative of the European Union. Mitarachi argued that “our position is to use technology in a way that does not violate international law” to protect Greece’s borders.

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The influx of immigrants In 2020, from Turkey to Greece, it was greatly simplified: it passed From 75,000 admissions in 2019 to 15,000 next year. In February 2021, according to information gathered by Frontex, they were around 700 illegal crossings along the Evros River at the land border, 12% lower than 12 months ago. Another 500 immigrants were able to land on the Greek islands.

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