VJ McMahon Dislikes WWE Merchandise Idea Reveals AJ Styles

VJ McMahon Dislikes WWE Merchandise Idea Reveals AJ Styles

AJ Styles put out a great performance WWE Since debut 2016 Royal Rumble. Shortly after the launch, a phenomenon entered the face of the company, John Cena. Styles publicly praised that it was incredibly fun to work with Seneca. It was the end of Cena’s run in the WWE, and many believed the torch was passing.

In his recent stream Twitch, Styles discussed the topic again and revealed that he had an idea for a t-shirt from rivals. even though., Vince McMahon Shoot it right away.

“Man, it was so much fun to work with him,” Styles said. “We did a lot of good things. He was very smooth and easy to work with.” Hitting John Cena “was a lot of fun.” I actually had an idea for a shirt that said “Beat up Sena.” Or something like that, but when I gave it to Vince he said, ‘Do you want to promote a shirt that is rooted in my baby’s face?’ I went ahead and let it go.

Styles‌ Famously competed The Undertakers The last match, and publicly stated that he wanted to have a match Edge Before both finish the boot. A follower asked if there was any purpose in working Triple h Before retiring from the in-ring competition, Styles revealed that he was ready for the idea.

“I’ll be his last match if I pull it out of there,” Styles asked. “I want to do it. I’ll let him know I’ll do it with him. He and I were in the same circle together, but we’re on the same team. It’s basically when we were in Japan. OC Triple H; That was fun. ”

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