Vivo V25 Pro 5G and V25 5G Coming Soon to Indonesia, Feature Photos and Videos

Vivo V25 Pro 5G and V25 5G Coming Soon to Indonesia, Feature Photos and Videos, JakartaVivo Indonesia officially confirms the presence of the latest generation A living V25 5G series on Saturday 3rd September 2022 with two new variants Vivo V25 Pro 5G and Vivo V25 5G.

promised as The best cinematic portrait smartphoneThe Vivo V25 series 5G is here for the middle class and brings a 64MP OIS night camera, extended RAM 3.0 and a cooling system.

“Vivo V25 series 5G is ready to give every user the freedom to express themselves through photography and videography recordings,” said Senior Product Manager Yoga Samiyaji. Vivo Indonesia, Saturday, September 3, 2022.

The Vivo V25 Series 5G brings a camera technology upgrade in the form of a 64MP OIS night camera, which will work to reduce blurry image capture and support longer exposure times.

The OIS feature on the Vivo V25 series 5G has an increased sensitivity level and will work mechanically to detect motion. The camera The lens moves to stabilize the photographic process and compensate for low light at night during recording operations. Thus the photos and videos taken will be clearer and brighter even when taken in low light conditions.

The camera system on the Vivo V25 Series 5G has Hybrid Image Stabilization technology that combines the dual effects of OIS and EIS to ensure stable and minimal transitions. fade out While recording video. The EIS system itself will sharpen each frame OIS system is created so the resulting video will have a more stable and clear quality.

Especially in the Vivo V25 Pro 5G, Vivo embeds a real-time extreme night vision feature that allows users to perform. Preview Or preview image brightness in case low light, So users can adjust the brightness level as per requirement and take photos.

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The camera technology on both variants of this phone is also equipped with Bokeh Flare Portrait and Bokeh Portrait Video, which can capture images and portraits more clearly and display smoother skin texture.

Other specifications include maximum storage space in the form of Extended RAM 3.0, which can still be added up to 8GB. Vivo V25 Pro 5G comes with 12GB RAM + 8GB Extended RAM capacity while Vivo V25 5G carries 8GB RAM + 8GB Extended RAM storage capacity.

Smartphone It is also equipped with a cooling system or Cooling system Upgraded means a heat dissipation feature that can maintain the engine’s operating temperature so it can run more efficiently. In the Vivo V25 Pro 5G, Vivo has introduced the Bionic Cooling System, which works significantly faster in cooling the phone and reducing direct thermal impact on the CPU.

“We have prepared another surprise with this Vivo V25 series 5G. Stay tuned for the presence of Vivo V25 series 5G in the near future,” Yoga explained without mentioning the exact date.

Vivo V25 and V25 Pro officially launched globally, here are the specifications

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