Visual Studio Code Warring State-era text editor unifies the world – Gigasine

Visual Studio Code Warring State-era text editor unifies the world - Gigasine

When trying to achieve certain goals, such as spreadsheets, illustrations, and text editing, “which tool to choose” becomes an issue. Robin Klein summarizes data on how visual studio code immobilizes its place in the world of text editors.

Period of Visual Studio Code | Robin Klein

One way to think about choosing a device is to “choose a device with a longer lifespan”. No matter how familiar you are, once you have completed the development, you need to publish how to use the new tools from the beginning, to avoid that pain, choose the most popular and long lasting tool. Way. Looking at spreadsheets and illustrations, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Illustrator have been around for a long time since their release in 1987.

On the other hand, in the field of text editing, the old ones are not always popular, for exampleStack overflow surveySubline Text, the most popular text editor on Mac from 2015 to 2017, was released in 2008, and in addition to Supply Text, various text editors such as TextMate and Atom will also appear. It became popular. However, Mr. Klein analyzes that the era of dividing such text editors into groups is coming to an end with the advent of visual studio code.

If you look at the stack overflow findings below, you can see that Visual Studio Code is growing rapidly in popularity. Not only is it growing in popularity year after year, it has jumped to 40% of the line, which is not possible with other text editors, and is one step ahead.

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Klein says that visual studio code is the last point in the evolution of text editors. Early text editors, such as Emax and V, were released in 1976, before the current user interface conventions were established, so they use their own methods to take advantage of features such as copy, paste, and undo. Later, TextMate was released in 2004, with a number of features such as abbreviated snippets, automatic filling of paired characters, obscure filename search, and extensions. In 2008, Supply Text appeared with features such as mini maps, multiple cursors, and cross-platform features. In terms of extensions, more advanced extensions are possible, as well as package management.

Atom, which was released on GitHub in 2014, has had a built-in package manager since its inception, allowing you to use extensions such as an app store that displays a read with inline images and extensions. Barriers to access were minimal Features HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be created in well-known languages. Unfortunately, Atom had performance issues that prevented him from becoming a champion.

In 2015, Microsoft released Visual Studio Code. The visual studio code uses the electron released by GitHub at the same time as Atom, which, like Atom, can create extensions using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and has full access to nodes from extensions. Klein says the extensions developed after TextMate in Visual Studio Code are almost complete, and there are no further leaps and no new text editor to replace.

Additionally, Visual Studio ported the code to work as a web application, not just the desktop version. According to Mr. Klein, such a transplant requires a lot of effort, and it proves that the transplant is worth it. For example, Emax and Wim have ported GII versions from terminal applications, and Photoshop and Excel have ported them to mobile applications because they are so valuable.

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Finally, Mr. Clean says that Visual Studio Code is open source and that it is popular because of its active development. Because TextMate and SupplyText are personally developed applications, users were often dissatisfied with the release schedule. Below is the commit graph of the visual studio code, but you can see that development is underway.

Although the trend of text editors has changed a few years since the introduction of TextMate in 2004, the visual studio code, as mentioned above, is becoming more popular and is expected to remain a champion for a long time to come. Based on this evidence, Mr. Klein concludes that the cost of studying visual studio code is now fully rewarding throughout his career.

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