Visit the oldest city in the country

Visit the oldest city in the country

The Prince of Wales and his wife are staying on the island of Ireland and will spend the next two days in Ireland. Prince Charles, who adores this country, chained commitments on this first day in Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland, founded by the Vikings.

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The Prince of Wales is delighted to be back in Ireland

“I can not tell you what a joy it is for my wife and I to be with you again in Ireland, which means more than I can say.When he arrived in Ireland, the Prince of Wales said jokingly.

Before joining the Republic of Ireland, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall spent a few days in Northern Ireland, an area of ​​the United Kingdom. If the Irish royal family has been at loggerheads for a long time since the official visits of Queen Elizabeth II in 2011 and Prince Charles in 1995, relations seem to have improved. Anyway, it’s amazing that the royal family is planning a trip to neighboring Ireland as part of Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee.

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Day of first visit to Waterford

The country tour began in Waterford. With a population of about 50,000, it is the oldest city on the entire island. The city was founded in 914 by the Vikings. When Henry II of England arrived at Waterford in 1171, he gave it the title of Royal City. The Prince of Wales added that the city was being considered “As the best place to live in Ireland, Waterford is a city of promise and hope for the future. ⁇

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During a visit to Waterford, Prince Charles and Camilla witnessed a re-enactment of historical scenes from the Viking period. They later joined a crystal factory. Founded in 1783, these glassworks worked in the largest houses. It still retains this good reputation.

Prince Charles visited the GROW HQ Association, which encourages people to grow their own food to lead a healthier life, and implements activities and initiatives aimed at promoting more sustainable farming practices by limiting travel and artificiality between the garden and the plate.

At the same time, the Duchess of Cornwall was asked to see Honeysuckle. Passionate about horses and racing, she wanted to see this horse riding Rachel Blackmore. The Marr, who became the first man to win a show jump twice in Cheltenham, now has his 15th victory.

Meanwhile, Prince of Wales Shane Fitzgerald visits the farm. Shane is behind the Signpost Farms scheme, which has already been adopted by more than 100 farms in Ireland. Farms that follow the program are committed to adopting technologies that help reduce gas emissions in their operations.

Before leaving for the Republic of Ireland, the Prince of Wales and his wife spent two days in Northern Ireland. The Prince of Wales was the first member of the royal family to visit Ireland in 1995 after the country gained independence from the United Kingdom. The last royal visit was to King George V in 1911. Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to Ireland did not take place until 2011.

In 1916, the island of Ireland declared independence from the United Kingdom, but only in 1922, retaining British sovereignty. Only the southern part is gaining independence and the northern part of the country wants to stay close to the United Kingdom. In 1949, Ireland severed ties with the British, became a republic, and remained in force from 1937 without being declared. In addition to being no longer a Commonwealth constituency, the Republic of Ireland is an organization that is excluded from the Commonwealth of Nations, of which former British powers are generally members and from countries such as India or South Africa.

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