Visa Open Mark Certification for Gaming and Multimedia Screens to Identify Players – Bahamut

Visa Open Mark Certification for Gaming and Multimedia Screens to Identify Players - Bahamut

The Video Electronics Standards Association of America (VESA) today (5) announced the establishment of a labeling program for game-based and multimedia-based screens, namely the AdaptiveSync display for games and the Adaptive for multimedia playback. MediaSync Display.

  • VESA Certified AdaptiveSync Display Seal Designed for Gaming Monitors

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      The VESA Certified MediaSync Displaymark is designed for vibration-free media playback displays that support all international broadcast video formats.

VESA today announced the Adaptive-Sync Display Compliance Test Specification (CTS), which aims to provide 50 complete and rigorous test standards for PC monitors and notebook computers that support VESA Adaptive – Sync protocol and automated testing methods. Performance requirements.

Adaptive-Synthesis Display CTS also establishes a product compatibility labeling program with two test levels: AdaptiveSync display for higher update rates and lower latency for gaming; And an AdaptiveSync display designed to support all international broadcast video formats. . By installing VESA-certified AdaptiveSync Display and MediaSync Display logo programs, officials hope to make it easier for gamers and consumers to identify and compare variable upgrade rate performance of adaptive-sync enabled monitors before purchasing.

Officials point out that only monitors that pass all the Adaptive-Sync Display CTS and VESA DisplayPort compatibility tests can carry the VESA-certified AdaptiveSync Display or MediaSync Display logo.

Although many PC and notebook computer monitors currently support the adaptive-sync protocol, officials point out that there is no open standard for measuring the performance and quality of specific monitors that support adaptive-sync display. The program meets this requirement and provides customers with a clear standard of in-screen visual performance that works at variable upgrade rates through testing in accordance with the adaptive-sync display CTS.

The adaptive-integrated display display includes up to 50 automated display performance displays, including key variables such as update rate, Flickr, Grayscale response time (including limiting overshoots and undershoots to ensure high quality video), and video frame rate drop. And trembling. As VESA Adaptive-Sync Display CTS requires, all monitors should be tested in factory-ship condition or in the default factory mode configuration, and tested at ambient temperature to ensure that the monitor is validated and certified. Under actual use conditions.

VESA says that all monitors certified to the VESA AdaptiveSync Display and MediaSync display marks must be tested for VESA DisplayPort standard certification. The VESA Adaptive-Sync protocol is supported on most desktop and laptop GPUs released in the last two years. In addition to VESA-certified AdaptiveSync Display and MediaSync display products, VESA encourages customers to check with GPU manufacturers that their GPUs and software drivers are compatible with adaptive-sync functionality.

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