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Aufregung in der Aula: Die Münchberger Schüler lernen per Video-Konferenz ihre Partner in Irland kennen.  Lehrerin Ulrike Fränkel (am Pult) ermutigt die Zehnt- und Elftklässler, sich auf Englisch vorzustellen. Foto: /cs

Irish Headmistress Diane Byrne describes how strong the city is at Luken Community College: several paintings of Munchberg and Waldstein are hanging there. “The way we experienced history through you, no school book can convey that,” she says of her visits to Berlin. The greeting given by President Michael de Higgins also demonstrates how important the transfer is to the Irish, with a teacher reading aloud.

Embassy visit

Munchberg School Principal Gerd Koppitz talks about the growing structures that make it possible to transfer again and again. A special feature is that it is the only school invited to the Irish Embassy in Berlin. The then Ambassador Michael Collins was also a guest in Munchberg on the 25th anniversary of the Exchange. Now, at 30, the connection is working effectively. Headmistress Diane Byrne calls to the camera: “Nothing can stop us!” She urges students to establish contacts.

A few days later, when our newspaper asked Zina Suber, her conclusion was positive: “We get a lot of insights into everyday school life there. Teachers and students in Ireland strive to make communication as exciting and instructive as possible, and they do well.

The return visit always takes place in February. At the request of the Irish, as Rosvita Bohne says: “They like this time of year because they expect snow.” But a return visit will most likely happen. However, Irish and German teachers hope that these students will actually meet. In one place.

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