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Virtual journey to the moon. NASA collects the names of people to be placed on the USB stick and sends them into space

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“We hope it’s a way to motivate people, bring them with us and inspire the next generation of Artemis.”Humbleton said.

In this particular mission, the rod should be placed on the spacecraft about a month before the launch date, which will determine how long it will take for NASA to receive the instructions, they said. CNN.

The launch date has not been announced, but the space agency is considering May or June, Hambleton said. NASA plans to announce more details about the launch date in the coming weeks, they added.

Humbleton says NASA has already received more than a million names since enrollment began earlier this month.

We hope to maintain this momentum within a week from now … collecting more names and generating more enthusiasm from people around the world.She said.

This is the first non-human Artemis mission to test NASA’s latest space exploration systems.

The Orion spacecraft will be launched from the 39B launch complex at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, with the world’s most powerful rocket.

It will travel more than 450,616 kilometers from Earth, stretching thousands of miles beyond the Moon in a four- to six-week mission, a distance that the man-made spacecraft has yet to reach.

After the spacecraft completes its loop around the moon, Orion will try to land safely off the coast of Baja California, Mexico.

NASA says the spacecraft will travel more than 2,092,147 kilometers when it returns to Earth.

NASA’s second mission will test various parts of Orion, including those aboard.

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