Viral test | Choose the hug that most recognizes you, and the viral test will reveal what is most important to you | Uses

Viral test |  Choose the hug that most recognizes you, and the viral test will reveal what is most important to you |  Uses

The As the content of the biggest communication in recent months, the hero again on different social networks. You will notice four different hugs in the picture below, you should choose only the one that you use the most when hugging that particular person or loved one. The first thing that catches your eye is revealing interesting aspects of your lifestyle.

Some time ago, Roger W., an American psychologist and biologist. Sperry – Nobel laureate – found that the brain and its two hemispheres (left and right) work differently, so the way we think about two sides is determined. One that dominates the interior. Based on your findings, there are several tests that can define mood and personality traits. Of a person.

All you have to do is look very carefully at the image that shows us where all the options are. As you can see in the illustration 4 different types of hugs Between couples, depending on your personality, you need to choose the one that you like the most or identify with you in order to get the closest answer to reality.

Once you like it Psychological examination, You know the meaning of each image and what it represents in the lines below. We recommend that you be as sincere as possible, as this will depend on the outcome you get Viral personality testing, But be mindful of the consequences of finding something you do not want to know.

Image of viral personality test

Choose the hug that most recognizes you, and the test will reveal what is most important in your life. (Photo: Guru)

Viral test reactions

1. Friendship

If you choose the first embrace, because what you value most in a relationship is friendship. That is, for you, the person who is going to spend the rest of your life with you should be someone who shares good time with you, makes you laugh, and can tell you everything like your best friend.

You are not interested in a relationship where you have to hide things or pretend not to. For you, being authentic with your loved one is the most important thing of all.

2. Passion

For you, what is not in your relationship is passion. You are trying to have a person with you who can ignite the fire of your desires and satisfy them.

You believe a lot in the chemistry that exists among people: yes, or no. If that chemistry exists, you know you can go with the person of your choice until the end of the world. Because you are so emotional, you are able to give everything when you love someone and you expect to receive it instead.

3. Security

If you choose a third embrace, safety is the most important thing in your relationship. You want to be close to someone who knows what he wants and is confident in himself and in you.

Spiritually speaking you are always in love with powerful people. You look to them to accompany you in your endeavors and to encourage you when you feel things are not going well.

Maybe you’re a little insecure or, at least, someone who’s hard to take the initiative. So, you look to someone else for your complement: someone to help you give your best. Be clear, be active, and, above all, believe in your abilities.

4. Faith

If you choose a fourth embrace, the most important thing in a relationship for you is trust. You hope that you will have a person by your side who you can be completely free of, at the same time, you trust completely.

You do not want to be involved in relationships where you live, thinking that someone else is being honest with you. You hate the role of the private detective in the relationship. What you like most is a free partner, a relationship where everyone has their place, and finding a common ground that unites them.

But for that, first, you have to trust someone else, and they will never do anything that hurts you (at least on purpose). So when you fall in love, the first thing you look at is faith.

What are personality tests?

These tests, commonly used in the field of clinical psychology, are tools that allow us to assess a person’s psychological and personality traits (emotions and attitudes). To identify the normal pattern of reaction to certain situations and people.

Because each It is designed to measure certain characteristics for the workplace, take it as seriously as possible and answer each question with complete honesty.

The most common are leadership, teamwork, autonomy, orientation of results, orientation of achievements, frustration tolerance and flexibility.

There are different types of personality tests, however, the most commonly used in the selection process are the following.

What is the best personality test?

The This is one of the most respected and used. It is the result of decades of work and analysis by Raymond B. Catell, a British psychologist known for his great contributions to personality and, above all, to the intellect. For example, he suggested the existence of a liquid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.

This personality test is constantly being updated and updated, but the essence remains the same: study our personality traits based on 16 factors and five secondary factors: factor A (factor), factor B (logic), factor C (stability), factor E (dominance), factor F (Impulsivity), Factor G (Group Conformity), Factor H (Dying), Factor I (Sensitivity), Factor L (Doubt), Factor M (Imagination), Factor N (Tact), Factor O (Guilt), Factor Q2 (Self-sufficiency, factor Q3 (self-regulation), factor Q4 (tension).

Why are personality tests important?

Personality tests are tests that are conducted with the aim of knowing the tastes and interests of the candidates for a job and their personality traits. In addition, they provide a basis for predicting whether a skeptical applicant will successfully match the values ​​of your organization and work team. Although it is an indispensable tool in the job recruitment process, its use has recently expanded to social networks as it usually offers its partners new perspectives on their lifestyle.

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