“Violating Rules” .. in this case WhatsApp will block “Screenshot”

“Violating Rules” .. in this case WhatsApp will block “Screenshot”

WhatsApp will allow its users to leave groups without notifying the rest of the members, as only group admins will be notified and users can choose who can see them “online” or “offline”.

As for the third feature, it is indicated Whatsapp It will be released soon without setting a specific date as it blocks screenshots of one-time messages, i.e., those sent through the “View One Message” mode.

Features to satisfy users

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Abdul Moneim Abdullah, an application and website development specialist, said that it is clear that WhatsApp is accelerating its pace to meet users’ requests. The same situation repeats itself Facebook After the emergence of competing applications like Tik Tok.

According to Abdullah, the most important feature is to prevent users from taking screenshots of photos and videos sent through “see messages once”, and once this feature enters the application, it means there is a “violation of rules”. The WhatsApp administration, which has always refused to introduce such a feature, but now wants to assure users that their privacy is more important than its previous rules.

Abdullah adds that WhatsApp has announced that it will teach users how to benefit from the three features through an explanation campaign that will begin soon.

The feature does not include chats

Tech writer Alan Al-Kharih told Sky News Arabia that users should be aware that preventing users from taking screenshots only includes photos and videos sent in “see messages once” mode. Include text chats The mere entry of this feature into WhatsApp means that its role is likely to expand in the future.

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An advantage for those who notice

Al-Kharih believes that the most important feature for users will be the ability to specify who can see them “online”, and this will make a difference to people who feel like they are under the spotlight and being watched every time. They enter the application to be bombarded with messages.

He pointed out that the options for this feature vary between blocking everyone from seeing them online, specifying specific contacts or opting out of the status quo, thus WhatsApp has once again fulfilled the wishes of its users. Offers features that were not previously offered.

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