Vikings Valhalla: The Series is actually filmed…

Vikings Valhalla: The Series is actually filmed…

The first season of the Vikings spin-off is available on Netflix starting February 25, and takes fans of Ragnar, Lagertha, Ivar, and more back to the Nordic lands. But by the way, where was Vikings: Valhalla actually filmed?

While some fans are already wondering if Vikings: Valhalla will have a Season 2 on Netflix, others are spending their time trying to find a little spin-off. The Vikings hatching A hundred years after the adventures of Ragnar, Lagertha, Jorn, Ivar and others – You don’t have to have seen the spin-off to enter. Still overseeing is Michael Hirst, no longer showrunner as the task falls to Jeb Stewart. Vikings: Valhalla Viewers are still transported to Northern Europe in the wake of the Viking conquest. If it’s in the history of the Vikings, it’s above all else In Denmark and Norway Things happened – apart from their forays into English lands – and things in the series were quite different.

Vikings: Valhalla was actually filmed in Ireland, as was the main series from which it was drawn. That way County Wicklow and the capital Dublin These are natural settings that occur frequently in both series. Whether in the age of Ragnar or Harald and Leif, the beauty of the Irish landscape allowed fans to believe they were in Viking lands. According to Télé Loisirs, it was Ashford, a small village south of Dublin. Much of the illustration of Vikings: Valhalla. You should know that Ashford Studios is in the area, which shelters a recreated Kattegat village, as well as Lough Lake, surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains, which lends itself well to the imitation of Scandinavian fjords.

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Vikings: Valhalla was filmed in Ireland

County Wicklow is home to the Blessington Lakes, where many scenes of the Vikings have been filmed while they’re on their boats – so since the first episode of the Netflix series. Finally There have also been several shootings in Ireland’s capital, Dublin Walking in it. Thanks to the mouth of the river, Leafy managed to serve another magnificent and exotic setting, not to mention. Many historical places Dublin Castle offers multiple possibilities, as in the library of Trinity College Dublin or St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Something to take your eyes while sitting on your sofa.

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