Vikings Valhalla: Summary finally revealed

Vikings Valhalla: Summary finally revealed

If you’re one of those fans who experienced a huge emptiness after the Vikings Series final, you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite series right away. After these six intense seasons, the Vikings won the series at the height of the Game of Thrones, deciding to beat the Iron when Netflix was so hot. How? What is ‘or’? By adding a sequel!

Vikings: Valhalla is the spin off of the Michael Hearst series. But in this sequel, Viking’s creator will be the “only” executive producer, and its best-known thriller will be screenwriter Jeb Stuart, for which we attribute Crystal Trap or Fugitive.

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A change of mood is to be expected, but those who fear the alienation of the original work can be assured that even the creator of Viking has realized that this sequel is really great.

If you’re interested in this spin-off as we do, check out what to expect in Vikings Valley and who the characters are!

A series that transcends the original work

First of all, underline the fact that Netflix has expressed a desire to expand the Viking universe and mythology beyond the real range. Acronlarge We are told that this spin-off will take place exactly… 100 years after the events of the Vikings series. In the summary section, here is what we know:

Vikings: Valhalla starts at 11amth Leaf Eriksson, Friedez Eriksdotter, Harald Hardroda, Norman King William the Conqueror – the legendary adventures of the most famous Vikings who ever lived, over the centuries. These men and women will lead the way as they fight for their survival in a changing world.

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If after reading this summary you feel that you really have no place in comparison to the original work, then Michael Hirst, the creator of the Viking, confirms this in an interview with Collider:

I have a kind of supervisory role, I have never written anything myself. I am an executive producer. But Jeb Stuart, of course, is a thriller writer, and things like that. So it may look different, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s still good, really good.

Michael Hirst – Colliser

What about the characters?

In Viking: Valhalla, so we will follow the adventures of legendary historians like Nordic Explorer Leaf Erickson played by Sam Corlett; Danish King Connaught as Bradley Freeguard; Friedez Eriksdotor, played by Frieda Gustavson; Played by Harold Sigurdsson, Leo Sutter; Played by Olaf Harold Dawson and Johannes Hacker Johansson; The role played by Emma and Laura Berlin of Normandy; Played by El Godwin and David Oaks; Jar Hawkon, played by Carol Henderson; Queen Elfgifu, starring Pauliana McIntosh and Jarl Carey, was presented by Asborn Krog Nissen.

For those impatient to know what this spin-off will offer, know that the Vikings: Valhalla series is coming down in 2021. Moreover, the first season of the Kovid-19 period was filmed in Ireland. But respects the necessary health protocols. Thirty workers have been affected by the disease. The directors booked a large hotel, in which all the actors were quarantined and inspections took place twice a day.

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