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Vikings: Travis Fimme Super Nostalgic at the end of the series!

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Ever since the filming of Viking ended, fans of the series have already been very nostalgic. Travis seems to have Fimmel as well.


The Viking Series Very successful. Fans were very disappointed to learn about the end of the series. But the actors also seem to be very nostalgic. Travis Fimmel remembers Good memories. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

After 6 seasons of Viking, the creator of the series has Its end has been announced. This story has been thrilling viewers since 2013.

For good reason, they are immersed in an amazing setting, and the characters are more attractive to each other. In short, it is A full box Pour Vikings.

But don’t panic fans of the series. For good reason, the spin-off series The Vikings are not good Then you will see the light of day. So they can pursue this new adventure.

as well as, The cast of this new series Made to your liking. Of course, Laura Berlin, Sam Corlett or Bradley Freeguard responded to this call.

In between Secrets, deeds, love stories So Netflix will provide the service to the subscribers. As usual, the platform never does half the things.

In short, it offers the new Vikings-inspired series Lots of surprises. So the fans will be there.

They are very happy to hear this news but many are left Nostalgic. Yes, viewers have been following the adventures of their favorite characters for many years.

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For their part, the Viking actors are remembered Good times Shooting. Moreover, Travis Fimmel remained loyal to the issue. MCE TV tells you more!

Vikings: Travis Fimme Super Nostalgic at the end of the series!

Travis Fimmel (Vikings) is already nostalgic for the shooting of the series

During the filming of Viking, the actors had a great time. So after six seasons they changed A large family.

But the end of the series means the end of this beautiful era. Suddenly, the actors in Viking Very nostalgic.

For good reason, they shared some very intense moments from 2013 to 2017. They seem to be keeping some Very good memories.

Actor Travis Fimmel is also very grateful. He admits he lived a long time Beautiful things Thanks to the Vikings series.

Ragnar Lothbrock’s commentator then said. So he explains: “I had a great relationship with the creator, Michael Hirst, who was a great writer. It ‘s a good idea The relationship is unique We had. ” Very good !

But not so. Leading Vikings actor adds: “I lost everyone on the set. I lost all the Irish people who worked with us. they were Very talented, very nice and fun. »

In addition, the Australian player claims: “I had Opportunity to live This experience. “

So, it seemed like the Vikings were behind the curtain It’s very cool. Fans of the series can’t wait to find out The Vikings are not good. to be continued.