Vikings-Star Georgia Hirst Ander “Fantasy Basel”

Vikings-Star Georgia Hirst Ander "Fantasy Basel"

Actress Georgia Hirst’s appearance from the movie series “Vikings” has attracted a lot of interested people. This is the English woman’s first visit to Switzerland.

On stage, Georgia Hirst said, “Thanks to his father, Michael Hirst, he came to the” Vikings “film series; After all, he wrote the screenplay for the well-known series.

When her father started screenwriting, she was very young, the 27-year-old said.

Georgia Hirst also admitted to the audience in “Fantasy Basel” that she had no historical knowledge of the real life of the Vikings. As she prepared for the role of Torvy, she read a little and learned to speak the old languages ​​that played with her on the tapes.

The actress gave a taste of the Viking ritual. What surprised her the most was that the Vikings were clean (“clean”) and extremely clean (“hyper hygienic”). She did not expect women to have equal rights with men. “The Vikings respected their women. That’s incredible!”

On the other hand, filming with her family was difficult for her; In addition to her father, her sister was also part of the series. Families have their own dynamics, and on location you are like another family. She worked very hard for this role because she wanted to show that she really deserved this role.

The only thing they criticize about her role is that she sometimes spoke different dialogues than the screenplay demands. She lived by her character, sometimes choosing different words from the given conversations, which she found unreliable.

In response to questions from the audience, the actress explained why the series was shot in Ireland, not in Scandinavia, where the Viking story takes place in the 8th century. There are a number of reasons for this choice, and many other films have already been shot in Ireland, but the budget may have been lower this way as well. In addition, large trees reminiscent of Canada gave Ireland a “perfect landscape”.

Georgia Hirst particularly remembers a scene where a frog fell on her clothes during filming. You need to remove it very carefully.

Seven years later, Georgia Hirst left the series. “It was tough,” she said, but in the end it was a good decision. She would not have felt the same “hunger” to play more seasons of “Viking”. She wants to do a movie with the comic book heroines from the arsenal of Marvel characters, she finally said.

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