Vikings: Shoraner wants to take his series as far as he can!

Vikings- le showrunner veut emmener sa série le plus loin possible !

Following the end of the Vikings series, series creator Michael Hirst is set to unveil a promising series, The Vikings: Valhalla.

Since the series ended last year, the creator, Michael Hirst, So its new creation will be unveiled. Vikings: Valhalla. The second intends to carry his reboot as far as possible. MCE TV tells you everything.

Vikings: Valhalla is coming soon

Vikings fans are therefore impatient to find out Michael Hirst’s new series. It will be very soon. We tell you more.

The fuse was sold by Netflix and was first released Series promotional trailer. Betting on the release date is currently underway.

As a reminder, the Vikings aired the series For the first time on the History Channel in 2013. It ended on December 30 with the sixth season.

Michael Hirst’s series has caught the attention of millions of fans around the world. From Submissions have begun. The reason is simple: fans wanted the show to have its sequel. That ‘s it.

That is to say The history series is fascinating. The second was to mix historical facts from Ragnar Lothbrook’s Nordic sagas with elements of fiction. This is the strength of the show. So of course a sequel will be scheduled on the screens soon …

Fans after the end of the event series Waiting to find the Vikings : Valhalla. As far as we know Netflix has ordered three seasons of eight episodes each. Produces a total of 24 episodes.

The Vikings Shoraner wants to take his series as far as possible!

Michael Hirst wants to take the Vikings as far as possible

So the Vikings will have the right to a sequel to the series. So the shooting started last year. By the way, the filming of the eight episodes of the second season is coming Completed in Ireland. Great news!

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Show Producer, Michael Hirst, so he said he intended to do everything So the series goes as far as possible. So here is the good news. Isn’t this?

While Netflix has not given any indication about its broadcast, internet users have concluded that it will be available in 2022. So this is a must see …

For the time being, neither the author nor Netflix has confirmed this date. As the months go by, The latter impatiently kicks. So they hope to find a new season for the Vikings in the coming weeks.

Of Season 2 Vikings: Valhalla was therefore suspended. Last spring. Due to problems with the Kovid-19 epidemic. This caused delays in schedules. That’s it

Production resumed later in August and we learned from Twitter that filming was over. The director had said that he was happy to get it The trajectory of the Vikings’ resumption resumed. “I am very happy to be back in Ireland. At Ashford Studios in beautiful county Wicklow. Our Irish crew is excellent in my opinion. And the most professional. Of the world “, He wrote.

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