Viking’s favorite place in the Irish Sea

Viking's favorite place in the Irish Sea

Dublin’s pubs are popular, but little is known about the city’s beaches, walks, and nature reserves. It’s too late to think about a short trip to the coast.

After a week of hard work full of looting, fighting and destruction, a weary Viking settled for a long sleep on a hill over the Irish Sea. On the beautiful soft bed of moss and heather he gave a happy one-syllable murmur, thus giving the peninsula at the head of Dublin Bay its name – Houth. Well, almost. The historical fact is that the Norse simply called this place “Headland”, although some locals performed the onomatopoeic in a credible manner. You can still check if the hills there are suitable for relaxing.

Seals are waiting for guests

As the Irish from Dublin say, Houth is just a poodle jump. The Dart Light Rail takes you to the peninsula in 30 minutes, and the welcoming crew is already waiting in the harbor – intriguing seals. Some people come close to the people on the shore in a surprising way, not because of their unusual experience, but because of their good memories.

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