Vikings: Actors announced for Valhalla – MGM spin off series

Vikings: Actors announced for Valhalla - MGM spin off series

That historical drama series The Vikings Creator Michael Hirst initially developed the latest in Netflix streaming service as a magnet for viewers on the History Channel. Now the actors have become a spin-off Vikings: Valhalla Announced. Its sequel is set in the eleventh century, so it happens 100 years after the original series.

The story of Leaf Erickson will play a role in the spin off. Viking is played by Sam Corlett. You can see Frida Gustavson as Friedz Eriksdotter, Leo Sutter as Harold Sigurdsson, and Bradley Freegard as Connaught the Great. Other cast: Johannes Johansson (Olaf Haroldson), Laura Berlin (Emma von der Normandy), David Oaks (Godwin von Wessex), Carolyn Henderson (Jar Hakon). Pauliana McIntosh as Queen Oshlfifu of Denmark and Azjorn Krog Nissen as Jarl Corey will also be there again.

Among other things, Hist is very busy: with Michael London (Sideways, Milk) in addition to the Viking Saga. He is also producing a series on Scott Fitzgerald’s bestseller. The Great Gatsby, As Live feed Reported. The series has been evolving for more than three years, and is intended to shed light on the needs of the wealthy Gatsby and the everyday culture of black society in the 1920s.

Vikings: Valhalla Like the original series, it is produced by Michael Hirst. Jeb Stuart co-wrote the screenplay with Vanessa Alexander, Declan Krogan and Eon McNami. Morgan O’Sullivan re-assumes the role of executive producer alongside James Flynn, Sherry Marsh, Alan Gasmer, Sheila Hawkins and John Weber. Filming will take place in Ireland, as in the original series. However, it is not known exactly when filming will begin due to the epidemic.

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