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Vietnam’s economy is moderately independent

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Vietnam’s economic independence score is now 61.7, which makes the economy 90e Independent of the 2021 Index of Economic Freedom.

>> IMF positively evaluates Vietnam’s macro economy
>> Vietnam improves its rank in the Index of Economic Freedom
>> Index of Economic Freedom 2015: 17 places for Vietnam

Transactions at a branch of Vietcomb.

Photo: Trans Viet / VNA / CVN

In the published index Heritage Foundation Foundation, The country’s overall score rose 2.9 points, mainly due to financial health. 17th place for Vietname Out of 40 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, its overall score is higher than the local and global average.

The country’s economy first entered the moderately independent category. If the government takes further steps to liberalize investment laws and the financial sector under the Basic Law, its ranking will rise further.

Three of the Top 10 Finalists – Singapore (1)Is), Ireland (5e), Taiwan (China, 6)e) – The score has increased this year. The Index, launched in 1995, assesses countries in four broad policy areas affecting economic freedom: the rule of law; The size of the government; Control efficiency; Open markets.

There are 12 specific categories: property rights, judicial efficiency, government integrity, tax burden, public spending, financial health, business freedom, freedom to work, freedom of trade, freedom of trade, freedom of investment, and financial freedom. The average of the scores in these categories is calculated to generate an overall financial independence score.

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