Video – “You Didn’t Understand Anything”: A Moment of Disagreement between Alessandra Sablet and Pierce Brosnan

Video - "You Didn't Understand Anything": A Moment of Disagreement between Alessandra Sablet and Pierce Brosnan

On Kovas’ set, Alessandra Sublet said it was a stupid thing to do with Pierce Brosnan. A disturbance that the actor remembered.

Alessandra Sublet assumes. In his second book Save Cinderella!, The host says not to pretend her successes, but also her failures. She happily made some mistakes in private, liking live. They revealed on set You have c, This May 27. From Ann-Elizabeth Lemoine, She remembered a conversation with Pierce Brosnan … it was not planned.

My ex-husband (Clement Miserus – Editor’s note), made a film with filmmakers Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson, and one evening, he told us, we were going to have dinner with them. I’m going with them, dinner is going well “,” Alasandra starts the subtitle. “I speak English. He understands me. This is already a big effort.” The facilitator, who was captured with overconfidence, had no doubt of thatShe did not understand a part of the conversation. “As we walk down the aisle, I tell Clement: ‘Listen, this’s crazy, his ex-player is throwing him like that, it’s James Bond.’ Clement looks at me and says: ‘Wait, you understand nothing, his ex is dead’, She explains.

Translation error

The host found “dead” but not “dead” “Crossed his way”. Pierce Brosnan realized that I did not understand, She continues. Problem: Two years later, Alessandra Sublet meets an Irish actor. The small translation incident did not forget the second. He remembered that and he said to me: ‘You missed the pass’, She concludes with humor. A fool who the host likes to laugh at a lot of today.

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