[VIDÉO] Six celebrities who exploded in public

[VIDÉO] Six celebrities who exploded in public

Will Smith made Oscar history by beating presenter Chris Rock on live TV after his wife Jada Pinkett joked about Smith’s hair.

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However, this is not the first time a celebrity has lost control of a public space.

Here are 5 situations in which celebrities lose their composure.

1. Russell Brand

In 2010, English comedian Russell Brand attacked a paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport while he was with his fiance Katie Perio.

According to two actors, a photographer tried to take a picture under the singer’s skirt. The brand pushed the paparazzi and damaged the camera.

Police intervened and arrested the comedian for assault. He was released after holding a $ 20,000 bond.

Katy Perry tweeted: “If you try to take a picture under my clothes, my fianc will protect me.”

2. Chris Martin

Coldplay singer Chris Martin hits a cameraman on the ground.

In 2008, the musician and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow were released from hospital. There were paparazzi waiting for the couple outside.

Chris Martin knocked a man to the ground and shouted: “Get out! Show some respect! He even tried to steal the camera as he was leaving the scene.

3. Russell Crowe

The gladiator was arrested in 2005 after throwing a phone at a hotel concert.

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The actor was trying to communicate with his wife in Australia. Went down to the lobby to complain. Finally he threw the phone at the employee. Vastu lost his right eye.

Officers handcuffed Crowe. The operation caused a media tide.

The actor said that it was the young man’s pride that made him come out of his whirlpool.

The actor says that he has never been so ashamed in his life. This incident had a devastating effect on his reputation and career.

4. As long as there is knowledge

Beyonc’s sister had previously attacked rapper Jay-Z in 2014. The dispute took place in a hotel elevator.

For some unknown reason, Solange attacks her fianc in front of a dead Beyonc. A bodyguard came between the two. No charges have been filed against Solange Knowles. Rumors have it that the woman confronted the rapper about her betrayal.

5. Björk

Icelandic singer Bijork made headlines in 2008 for the wrong reasons.

As she was passing through New Zealand for a concert, she forbade the media from taking photos of her when she arrived at the Auckland airport. However, photographer Glenn Jeffrey did not heed the suggestion, which provoked the musician’s anger.

Jeffrey claimed that the singer threw it at him. She tore her sweater and fell to the ground. Security officials had to intervene.

The photographer did not complain.

6. Conor McGregor

In 2019, the two-time UFC champion made headlines when he stabbed an elder at a bar in Dublin, Ireland.

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In a video taken by a surveillance camera, we see McGregor handing out a glass of whiskey to a man. He denied it twice. The athlete then offered drinks to the others.

The video will cut and restart in a few minutes. The “infamous” person seems to be making a verbal exchange. The man looks back for a moment, then McGregor slaps him in the face.

UFC President Dana White condemned McGregor’s action.

The athlete publicly apologized. He said he was ready to accept the consequences of his actions.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident. He was charged in October 2019 with assault. He pleaded guilty in November and was fined 1,000 euros.

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