Video shows a yard filled with Boeing 787s awaiting delivery clearance

Video shows a yard filled with Boeing 787s awaiting delivery clearance

As deliveries of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner have been delayed for more than a year, dozens of replicas have filled an aircraft storage area awaiting the day their owners can fly. A video of the site was recorded and shows dozens of jets in storage.

Photo by Sam Chui

The footage, available in full below, may seem like a throwback to the past, more precisely to the initial period after the launch of the 787 Dreamliner on commercial flights, when cases of the model’s lithium batteries starting to catch fire. At a global stop..

However, at the time, production was not so advanced and the 787-9 and 787-10 models were not yet available, but only the smallest of the family, the 787-8. Today, on the other hand, the problem is quite different.

The current outage, now a year in the making, follows the discovery of minor defects in the front exterior fuselage and components of the modern aircraft. As a precautionary measure, Boeing and the FAA decided to temporarily suspend deliveries of the jets, after which approximately 115 aircraft were built and parked.While awaiting agency approval for delivery.

The scene recorded by Sam Chui in the southern California desert of Victorville best illustrates the current situation, as several dozen 787 jets from companies such as Turkish, Korean Air, United, Ethiopian, Aeromexico, Qatar and Junyao can be counted. , Air Europa, ANA and others.

Jets with all windows, engines and landing gear are in long-term preservation condition. A part of them is even without an engine, leaving only the support hanging from the wings, see:

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