Video release of the spacecraft landing on Mars

Video release of the spacecraft landing on Mars

The last moment of the spacecraft is very important. Because the biggest challenge is to control the speed at the last moment of landing on the planet. If it does not come properly, the spacecraft will crash into the planet. As a result, the entire program will fail. So, scientists panicked before those last moments before the wine touched the planet. NASA Rover ‘Perseverance’ sent a video of the moment it landed on the red planet.

NASA released a video of that success. The video starts from the moment Mars enters the atmosphere. At that time the speed was 12 thousand miles per hour. As soon as it enters the atmosphere of Mars, a large parachute rises from a small cylinder. Try hard to slow down. This is the first time such a large parachute has been sent to the Red Planet. Then the scientists began to panic. Everything is silently monitored. Breathing almost stopped. At the time, NASA’s lander and in-rover ‘Perseverance’ were flying to Mars.

But if the speed is too high he will be torn. Later, when it reached an altitude of 11 km, the perseverance began to slowly subside. Then the speed will reach 3 meters per second. Then you can see the dust flying on the earth of Mars, realizing that it came very close, the strong wind is blowing at random speed. The microphone with the rover recorded the sound and sent. Rover says he got it right.

(Dhaka Times / 28 February / AZ)

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