Video: Camera breaks out in Norway | The world

Video: Camera breaks out in Norway |  The world

A Norway This Sunday (25) recorded the fall of a meteorite that briefly illuminated the sky and made a great noise. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

A camera in Holmestrand, south of the capital Oslo, recorded the moment when a fireball fell from the sky, exploded in flashing lightning and illuminated a marina. The BBC reports The meteorite traveled at 16.3 kilometers per second.

The first time started sending at 1am local time. The phenomenon was observed 393 km from Oslo, In Trondheim, a city in the north of Norway.

According to Reuters experts, part of the meteorite may have fallen to the ground in a place not far from the capital.

According to the Norwegian Meteor Network, this is primarily data They may have come to the forest known as Finnemarca, 60 km west of the capital.

Videos and other data are used to define the origin and destination of the meteorite. “It was crazy,” said Meteor Morton Billet.

“Last night we had a huge rock moving between Mars and Jupiter, which is our asteroid belt. When that happens, it (experts) create a shock and light and a lot of excitement, some fear in others,” Billett said.

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