Video – Boeing 737 crash in Indonesia: Localized black boxes, no hope of survivors found

Video - Boeing 737 crash in Indonesia: Localized black boxes, no hope of survivors found

Aerial crash – Boeing 737 with 62 people on board crashed in the Java Sea on Saturday. Srivijaya operates domestic flights from Jakarta to Pontianak. There were 62 people on board. Two black boxes were found this Sunday.

The Srivijaya Air flight disappeared from radar at 9.40 am on Saturday. This Sunday, the crash speculation is no longer in doubt. Two black boxes of the device were found in the Java Sea. The Boeing 737-500 disappeared from radar just minutes after taking off from the capital, Jakarta. The domestic flight was carrying 62 people, including 12 crew members, from Jakarta to Pontianak on Borneo Island. Authorities are counting seven children and three children among the passengers.

“Condolences” from the Indonesian President

Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed his condolences and called on fellow citizens to “pray together to find the victims.”

The plane lost 10,000 feet in less than a minute

FlightRadar24 is a site that tracks air traffic around the world in a timely manner, first warning of the disappearance of the Boeing 737 shortly after 11 a.m. (French time). According to the siteWithin four minutes of leaving Jakarta, it had lost 10,000 feet (3,350 m) in sixty seconds. Then the connection with the control tower was lost.

Authorities have not provided any details about the cause of the accident at this stage. “Bad weather, pilot error or technical issues can cause this accident,” he said. Jakarta-based aviation analyst Jerry Sujatman said. “But it’s still too early to decide.” “When we find the black box, we can put the puzzle together.”

This morning we received two bags, one for luggage and the other for body parts. “Police spokesman Yusri Yunus said. Police “Running on identifications”, He said. The first wreckage was brought to the main port in Jakarta, which included an aircraft tire and children’s pink pants. “We found cables, a piece of jeans and a piece of metal.”, Already announced a security official on Saturday CNN Indonesia. Hundreds of rescue crews, including the Navy, 10 warships, helicopters and diving experts, are taking part in the search at sea. At least three sites have Divers Orange Boys installed and use sonar to detect fuselage.

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Other witnesses describe the breakdown of the machine very clearly, causing at least one explosion. Said a fisherman Indonesian BBC service That he had witnessed an accident and that the captain had decided to return to shore. “The plane crashed into the sea like lightning and exploded in the water”, He assured. “It was very close to us. Some kind of plywood fell on my ship.”

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According to the registration details included in the tracking data, the aircraft is a 27-year-old Boeing 737-500, not a Boeing 737 Max that has been stationed since 2019 after two crashes in five months. The first of these, in October 2018, was about an aircraft of the Indonesian company Lion Air. Within 12 minutes of taking off from the Java Sea off the coast of Java, 189 people drowned.

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Video – Boeing 737 crash in Indonesia: Localized black boxes, no hope of survivors found

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