Video: A glass bridge collapses and a man is trapped 100 meters high

Video: A glass bridge collapses and a man is trapped 100 meters high

Awakening nightmare. A man was found trapped in the middle of a building while crossing a suspended glass bridge over Pian Mountain (northeast China). Suspicious: A violent gust of wind literally smashed all the windows.

Man, a Tourist The local media, no doubt, feared for his life.

It all started with a big wind that destroyed everything in its path.

After the excitement passed, at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported, the unfortunate man clung to an obstacle and prayed that the ground would not fall under his feet.

He was able to crawl to safety with the help of firefighters, police, forest rangers and site staff. He was not injured, but suffered a major heart attack and was rushed to a hospital for treatment.


Then there is the (bigger) fear than the evil, but from the film’s strict point of view, this story, which is widely aired on social networks, is not the best result.

This incident seriously tarnishes the reputation of glass bridges China.

By the end of 2016, there was no shortage of 60 such structures built in the country.

On the Weibo social network, critics are cascading, and many Internet users are wondering about erroneous or non-existent repairs to these works.

An investigation was launched to shed light on the facts. The findings are pending, at least the bridge is temporarily closed.

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