Victory with Benetton Treviso and Conach finally fades – OA Sport

Victory with Benetton Treviso and Conach finally fades - OA Sport

The match between Beniton Treviso and Conach is a balanced match and draw until the final whistle in Monigo. The Irish team won by one goal in the final at the end of 80 hard work, overcoming everything and denying Treviso his first win of the season.

Treviso starts well and immediately pushes on the accelerator. Conach is very wrong, giving the green and white balls and chances, but not even taking advantage of Crowley’s XV and wasting two good chances in the attack. 9 ‘Sarto wastes interactively, and instead of freeing Riera kicks, But the ball goes straight out, nothing. Shortly after Duanege blocks a ball, but fortunately confronts Marmion and then catches and Bennett saves. Treviso 15 was not saved when Irish Pick & Go demanded a free kick after Connach ‘s best break. The scrimmage for the Irish, with one more goal, goes 0-7 with goalkeeper Bilham.

Beniton tries to react immediately, returning to the attack, hurting the Irish defense. But he fails to recognize the home team, which continues to make minor mistakes that frustrate their efforts, and certainly gives the Galway boys a chance to become dangerous. So, with the Venetians holding more in Monigo and the more dangerous Irish on a few occasions with the Oval. At 33, he pushed Treviso to 22 opponents, but Mitria saw Conach’s achievement, blocking another chance for the hosts. A minute later the fight against Jayden Howard is very bad, and the yellow card goes to Delahant, who is more than Conach 10 minutes between two times. Pushing Treviso at 5 meters David overtakes Ruggeri for the draw With the transformation of Padovani. At 38, Benetton regains dominance and does just that Leonardo Sarto escaped speed and flew past two opponents, with the defenders not reaching the second attempt for the hosts, who were going to rest 14-7..

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Konach got off to a great start in the first second of the second half, two minutes after the green and white kick in the kickoff, despite having more than a number. Goes beyond the Irish team with McAllister, thus influencing the result in the 42nd minute. At this point in the match Treviso is very confused, the turmoil on the pitch is increasing and in the 49th minute the home team with a long ball, a kick and a paddock are at great risk and somehow cancel. Benetton excels in defense, preventing the Irish from attacking again. Treviso blazed with excellent choral action, taking the hosts to 22 out of 57 opponents. But, once again, everything was confirmed.

We enter the final quarter in Monigo with more and more possession of Treviso, but it is not effective. So the hosts don’t give much area points, and in the 68th minute Conach is dangerous, but good green and white defenses prevent damage. Neither team will be able to unlock a score that does not change from goal to the start of McAllister’s recovery. Crowley’s Team 22 is back in the Irish with a very long run with several stages At 76, Mitriya’s whistle blows, giving Traviso a mistake. Go to the pitch Padovani also finds three points in four minutes, 17-14 from the end. But here, shortly after, Treviso’s mistake comes, and Konach can be contacted to seek victory. But here Treviso immediately steals and protects the Oval. But the hosts made it worse again and kept it, with 60 seconds left and another touch for the Irish. The following mall punishes Treviso. Aki’s goal set the final score for Konach 19-17.

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Photo: Alfio Guarris – LPS

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