Victims are estimated to be “30% responsible” for their deaths

Victims are estimated to be "30% responsible" for their deaths

Victims of the April 6, 2009 earthquake L’AquilaIn the centerItaly, ultimately not everyone is treated the same. Italian media reported on Wednesday that an Italian court ruled that many of them were partially responsible for their deaths and that the compensation paid to their families should be reduced.

The Earthquake At a magnitude of 6.3, at midnight, at 03:32, the city’s historic center collapsed, killing 309 people. The judge, who caught the families of 24 people who died in one of the collapsed buildings in civil proceedings, announced that the victims had returned to bed despite two tremors during the night. This “reckless conduct” made them “30% responsible” for their deaths, the judge estimated, according to the daily. the messenger.

The families plan to appeal

Maria Grazia Piccinini, the mother and lawyer of 25-year-old Ilaria Rambaldi, who was killed in the earthquake, said Tuesday’s ruling was “absurd” and that experts had underestimated a risk. Earthquake the murderer “My daughter was as confident as anyone,” she said Courier della SerraFamilies claiming damages will appeal, it added.

Seven members of the government’s commission to prevent major risks were punished for not providing adequate precautionary advice to residents. The earthquake destroyed the medieval center of the capital, Abruzzo, injuring 1,600 people and leaving 80,000 homeless.

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