Vic- fessensk: Two Polish painters on display at the town hall

Vic- fessensk: Two Polish painters on display at the town hall

Two Polish artists with a passion for painting and living in Gershn will be exhibiting their work at the town hall until July 8.

Camila Gradzka and Marek Myerszejuki will be performing in the Committee Room at Town Hall until July 8.

Camila Grad‌ska lives in Lാനെnepax, and she is from Poland. She says: “I took a short trip back to France via Ireland. I’m been there for a few years and I’m inspired by nature!” Camila has been painting since she was young. She studied architecture and for her drawing was the language of an architect. “I always like drawing and watercolors. Watercolors are very recent because I do a lot of sketches and drawings in pencil and charcoal.” In Poland, she worked as an architect, as well as in Ireland. She explains: “In France, no, but I’m renovating houses!”

For some time, she lived in the countryside and began to observe the surrounding nature. “There are birds, I’m inspired by them, and with watercolor it makes their flight easier,” explains the artist.

“I find places […] I put it on my canvas “

Camila’s friend is Marek Myerszewski. They have known each other for a year through their tastes in painting and Polish nationalism. Marek has been living in Rose since 2019. He was born in England to Polish parents. This real chemist has been retired for 4 years and spends his free time painting. Mare likes to draw the landscape of the area, especially Gasconi. “I walk around 5km and I find amazing places I put on my canvas. I love the colors and the sky and everything around the landscape.” The Polish artist uses acrylic for his paintings.

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The achievements of the two painters will be on display until July 8 at the Town Hall in Wick-Fesenzak.

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