Very secret missions of thematic ambassadors

Very secret missions of thematic ambassadors

“We ask the security forces, Any party influential to the international community and the Taliban must pay attention to material security and not allow opportunists (…) Damage and steal museum objects. ” This request from the Afghan National Museum in Kabul, posted on Facebook on August 16, does not dispel former Louvre president Jean-Luc Martinez.

In a report submitted to President Francois Hollande in 2015, he suggested that endangered foreign cultural property seek refuge in French museums. In particular, from 1Is In September, this Chief Heritage Curator becomes the Thematic Ambassador for International Cooperation in the Heritage Region. An unreliable ambassador, without an embassy, ​​but not without a mission, like other “excellences” responsible for global problems.

For Jean-Luc Martinez, who won this consolation prize for the third time in the Louvre’s title, Roadmap Quaid de Orse explains: Prepare for winter for a conference on the fifth occasion to expand the Round Table to new donors

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It should think about the best system for offering French expertise in heritage and creating museums abroad. But for the time being, no immediate action is planned in Afghanistan, where Alif has been active for three years.

Lack of transparency

The diplomatic unity of these twenty-one thematic ambassadors was patented in 1998 by President Jacques Chirac. The profile and age of the current incumbents are as varied as their missions. Towards the end of his career, Christoph Penott, a diplomat, has been in charge of the Indo-Pacific Zone for a year. Lawrence Fisher, 47, a former karateka, has been an ambassador for sports since 2019, without knowing exactly the scope of her work.

“It’s a constant preparation, and I sit on committees every quarter and on boards of directors twice a year. Stephanie Syudox, Ambassador for Global Health

Appointed to the Cabinet for four years, These thematic ambassadors are affiliated with the Quaid de Orca, But it often comes under several ministries: the culture for Martinez, the economy for Henry Verdeier, the ambassador who manages digital, finance … and some attend major international events such as the G7 or G20 summits. In 2019, the total salary of the nineteen thematic ambassadors in office was അനുസരിച്ച് 1.8 million (an average of, 94,730 per person), according to a Senate report, and mission expenses were 21 21,400 per ambassador.

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