Verdict: Winx Saga: Fights, burns … Actors say behind the shooting

Verdict: Winx Saga: Fights, burns ... Actors say behind the shooting

“We did a lot of stunts ourselves” Danny Griffin (School) confesses

Season 2 is expected to be a live-action adaptation of the Winx Club, but how was the filming of Season 1 of Destiny: The Winx Saga? The cast of the series, which is available on Netflix, spoke behind the scenes in an off-screen interview with PRBK. Abigail Cowan (Bloom), Danny Griffin (Sky), Hannah van der Westuisen (Stella), Elisha Appleboom (Moosa), Elliott Salt (Terra), and Precious Mustafa (Aisha) all spoke about the fights against the Green Fund.

Danny Griffin or Sky Inn Verdict: Winx Saga Revealed as: “We did a lot of stunts and we had a great stunt team. They danced to each person every step of the way, “We wanted it to look real.”. The performances of Sky, Rivan, Dane or Sam personally did their stunts for the action sequences.

Hannah van der Vestuisen, who plays Stella, admitted that there was not a single scene “Green Funds”. Valuable Mustafa, who plays Ayesha, confirmed: “All shots are shot with a drone, showing the scenery and the beauty of Ireland. Everything is real.”. What about interior scenes? They turned “In a Studio” It was built on a site in Ireland, where Elliott describes Salt as the terrace for the shoot, not the castle that serves as the backdrop for Alpha’s Magic School.

Abigail was Cowan (Bloom) “Panicked” People playing “Burned”

The actress, who plays Bloom, told Abigail Cowan, who was threatened at school, that she was terrified on the set of Season 1. Why? Real people who had to disguise themselves “Burned”, These monsters attacking Alpha Verdict: Winx Saga. “I’m scared” She assured us “That scene of him stepping out the window, I think I’m not listening and I do not know when he will knock. He also decided to bend over to catch me, so I have this reaction in that scene. It’s sincere, it’s real..

Stella, Hannah van der Westuan, explains: “They were on the face, above the neck, but below the neck.”. Elisha Applebum, who plays Musa, has also made it clear that she has terrible faces, but she wore funny outfits for the special effects that the cut added.

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Elisha Applebom admits it was the hardest part of filming his scene in Season 1: “The hardest part for me was the scene of Musa rescuing Sam. I was sick that day,” “I was in pain.”. Precious Mustafa or Aisha remembers this order There is Bloom in the forest and Ayesha comes and sees her fire coming out of her. The weather was bad, it was raining and there was a lot of wind. “, Between two takes, “I’m in a tent for a minute, and the next moment the tent moves and flies away.” Because of the wind.

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