Venus shows signs of life. What is meant here

Venus shows signs of life.  What is meant here

From both we have only a brief description of the barren landscape Russian Landers It fell to the ground in the 1980s. So it is not surprising to give a report Published in Nature Astronomy It is claimed that the upper layers of Venus’ atmosphere contain a molecule The signature of life It comes as a shock.

The Suspicious molecule Is PH₃ ​​(phosphine). It is a highly reactive and flammable toxic odor found in heaps (elsewhere). Penguin dung, badger and fish gut.

It is found in less than a trillion parts of the Earth’s atmosphere – because it is rapidly destroyed by the process. Oxidation. This molecule is present in our oxidizing atmosphere because it is continuously produced by microorganisms.

Non-biological processes are more concentrated in the atmosphere of Venus than in phosphine. Does that mean that there are microbes in the atmosphere of Venus that travel through the clouds in aerosol drops and that Venus is a fly trap at micro scale?

The authors do not claim to have found evidence for life, but only for “inaccurate and unexplained chemistry.” Dr. As Sherlock Holmes told Watson, “Once you eliminate the impossible, what is left, no matter how improbable, must be true.”

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