Venus Planet: Incredible NASA and Christmas announcement

Planeta Venus calatorie

Planet Venus Last weekend, it was at the center of an incredible event on the second day of Christmas, as an Issa and NASA spacecraft once again crossed the planet. It will be the second spacecraft to cross Venus in a few months, the first of which will go to Mercury under the name Bepicolombo, but its mission is quite different, as it is now.

Planet Venus Visited by a spacecraft sent by Issa and NASA to observe the Sun in our solar system as closely as possible, the cosmic body passed by on its way to the star. The spacecraft flew a single plane into the orbit of Venus, after which it continued its journey to the life-giving Sun, not long after, or returning to the planet through which it passed.

Planet Venus: Incredible announcement from NASA and Issa for Christmas celebration

Planet Venus The spacecraft sent there by ESA and NASA analyzed everything to find out more about it. The spacecraft has been orbiting the Sun for some time, and this visit to Venus is only an important moment that will pass next year, and it will be closely monitored before reaching the star.

Planet Venus It has a lot of data about the magnetic field and some particles in the atmosphere or not, but information about the findings of NASA and Issa will not be released soon. NASA and ESA need time to analyze all the data and provide clear information about what they discovered about Venus based on this recent visit, so we need to see what we can learn from them in the future.

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Planet Venus It will visit other spacecraft in the future, but no further details are yet available on the final plans of the space agencies.

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