Venus – Jupiter will be closer to each other before dawn tomorrow – New News

Venus - Jupiter will be closer to each other before dawn tomorrow - New News

Venus – Jupiter will be closest before dawn tomorrow

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April 30 BBC Venus and Jupiter are reported to be the two brightest planets in the Solar System reported to be visible to the world this weekend. Planetary convergence is possible only with the naked eye or binoculars, with almost no touch or clear sky.

Venus - Jupiter

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This planetary parallelism occurs every year. But this year Venus and Jupiter will be closer than usual. After Saturday, April 30th, they will be separated for the next few days. If it is lost, it will have to wait another year. 2582 ever

Professor Lucy Green is an astronaut and chief astronomer. “It’s really exciting for astronomers, it’s a great opportunity,” he said. For people to go out and see.

Venus Jupiter

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Planetary parallelism occurs when two planets appear or touch each other in the Earth’s night sky.

For the past few days since Saturday, April 30, Venus and Jupiter have gradually discovered each other in the skies of the world

The actual orbit of the planet The two planets are about 430 million miles (692 million km) apart, but the orbits of the planets seen from Earth are an “illusion” that the two planets touch each other.N

The best time to see it is Saturday, April 30th, around 5 AM, but it will continue to appear on Sundays, May 1st and the next few days. Before the two planets move slowly

The National Astronomical Research Institute (NARIT) has announced that the two brightest planets in the Waco District will be closest to each other from 3:45 am on May 1 for Thailand. Prachuwap Khiri Khan Province

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The best time is before dawn. Looking east before sunriseN

Venus and Jupiter descend in the sky and approach the horizon. Mountains and buildings obscured the view. If possible, look for high points and bright spots. 2 points very close to each other

Venus - Jupiter

“The two planets will have different brightness. Venus is brighter than Jupiter, so it is brighter and brighter. Jupiter will be slightly dimmer and about one-sixth the brightness of Venus, “said Professor Green, who recommends viewers to use an app that helps them navigate the sky.

Venus - Jupiter

Anyone with a telescope may be able to see some of the structures in Jupiter’s atmosphere or its largest moons.

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere at different times of the day and night. But one who observes with a telescope can see something more specific.

That is the orbit of Venus, Jupiter and other planets. Mars and Saturn are two planets.

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The next day, April 5, notice the “Saturn side with Mars” in the eastern sky.

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