Venus can have life

Venus can have life

Last year, experts discovered that the atmosphere of Venus was filled with droplets of sulfuric acid, when it discovered a gas called phosphane, which indicates the presence of life during the decomposition of living things in Venus’ atmosphere. Knowledge, something is hard to survive.

However, a new study by scientists at MIT, published in the findings of the American National Academy of Sciences, suggests that ammonia may also be present in Venus’ atmosphere, which neutralizes sulfuric acid. As a result, the sister planet Earth could host life.

“We have a lot of acidic environment on Earth where life thrives, but nothing like the droplets of acid (sulfur in the atmosphere) on Venus can neutralize them,” study co-author Sarah Seeger told a weekly newspaper. Release.

We need to send another query

The presence of atmospheric ammonia has not yet been proven, but scientists believe it may be present. They derive data from Venice 8 and the Pioneer-Venus spacecraft in the 1970s. If ammonia were actually in Venus’ atmosphere, it could be involved in a complex chain of chemical reactions that would eventually make the atmosphere of its sister planet Earth habitable for life, U.S. scientists believe.

All that remains is to send another inquiry and confirm this. However, according to the current space agency’s plans, it could reach the second planet in the Solar System within fifteen years.

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