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Venezuela: Maduro, ‘Guido fails, pays’ – Ultima Ora

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(ANSA) – Caracas, 05 SEPT – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has argued that there has never been a political duplicity in Venezuela, and the result of a government parallel to him was “a brutal campaign that touched on stupidity” and a man who believed himself to be the “interim president of the country”.

In an interview with State TV, Maduro added, “The United States has chosen a puppet, a puppet to overthrow a national government and wreak havoc on the revolution (reference to opposition leader Juan Guide, AD).”

In the history of Venezuela, he continued, Guido “failed as the leader of an attempt to seriously interfere in Venezuela’s domestic politics”.

In response to an interviewer’s question about “impunity” in the context of ongoing discussions in Mexico, the head of state assured that “there is no impunity in Mexico or on Mars.”

“There must be strict justice – he added – by promoting the Venezuelan companies Sitgo and Monomeros, the country blocked $ 8,000 million and $ 2200 million worth of frozen gold in the Bank of England.

“Maybe justice will be delayed – he concluded – but I’m sure it will come at some point.” (On the handle).

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